WSA Experience Visits: 2021 Highlights!

WSA Experience Visits 2021 Highlights

A School Experience differs from our fantastic School Reviews, in that these special features were purposefully designed to provide an insight into the atmosphere and feel inside a school. An Experience visit is where our team get to the heart of the relationships and people who form each school’s unique community.

A typical Experience visit sees our team visiting a school for a full school day. During an Experience visit we:

• Meet and interview the School Principal
• Meet key members of staff
• Meet a panel of parents
• Meet a panel of students
• Tour the school, taking candid pictures of a typical day

After the disruption of Covid, our Experience visits resumed in 2021, and here, without further ado, is a round-up of some of the highlights.

GEMS World Academy, Dubai

GEMS World Academy

In the words of WSA:

“Evidently, this is a school where recent changes have impacted every member of the community. Some have felt the positive impact of the changes, and some have felt that their school and community has changed for the worse. A number have turned to our survey to offer their anonymous feedback. Those we met at the school showed great positivity and enthusiasm for the future and had sensible reasons for why change had been necessary.

“GWA has historically been a happy, successful and well-loved school, and we are hopeful that this positivity will outweigh complaints in the very near future. Certainly, there can be no doubting the incredible ambition of all those involved. This academic year at GWA will be one to watch”.

Read the full GEMS World Academy Experience visit – here

GEMS Al Barsha National School, Dubai

GEMS Al Barsha National School review

In the words of WSA:

We left GNS with a great feeling about what lies ahead for this latest version of the school. At, we believe that success in any educational institution is built primarily by high quality relationships…between staff, students and of course, the parent community. By our measure GNS, has relationship building down to a fine art.

Real the full GEMS Al Barsha National School Experience – here

The Royal Grammar School Guildford, Dubai


In the words of WSA:

“This visit to RGS Dubai was primarily to discover whether the school had fulfilled its initial promise of a truthful and committed interpretation of what it is to be “an RGS”. On our inspection checklist this question gets a very big tick. However, the most important judges here are the parents themselves, and we could not put it better than one of our parent panel:

“So far, this school has been everything we thought it would be, and everything they said it would be”.”

Read the full RGS Dubai Experience – here

Emirates International School, Jumeirah

Emirates International School Jumeirah

In the words of WSA:

“This school’s long heritage has created a unique community and, based upon our experience and discussions, a unique place in the hearts of parents, staff and alumni. To be a school that gives expatriate children a sense of belonging and roots, is an achievement on a par to any set of great exam results (which this school also has!). Even for the team of Reviewers, to meet teaching assistants who were once students at the same school was a real first”.

Read the full Emirates International School Jumeirah Experience- here

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