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Bottom Line

: Superb multimedia tools and lesson plans help kids explore biology through real-world examples.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

BioInteractive is best for high school biology, AP biology, and IB biology classes. Teachers can use it to develop three-dimensional units centered on authentic scientific phenomena as required by the Next Generation of Science Standards. BioInteractive does some of the work for you by pulling together legitimate scientific data to help with creating assessments and units. Select Data Points under Resource Type to find figures such as the actual graph scientists used to study the effects of introducing a lizard predator in the Bahamas.

What Is It?

BioInteractive brings biological research to life through award-winning videos, simulations, data points, virtual labs, classroom activities, and more. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has paired high-quality multimedia resources with comprehensive teacher guides written by actual classroom teachers. Through these rich resources, kids can learn about topics such as evolution, ecology, genetics, biodiversity, and human health. Activities are based on actual research, such as using data from the trail cameras in Gorongosa National Park to build biomass pyramids.

Is It Good for Learning?

BioInteractive is incredibly well thought-out and well resourced. Teachers are provided with free tools as well as the supports to help best use them. Though at first glance the handouts may seem like traditional worksheets, the questions posed offer opportunities for kids to think deeply about the nature of science. While many of the lessons center on quality short films, there are plenty of places for teachers to extend learning. The activity, Human Feet Are Strange, builds on the film Great Transitions: The Origin of Humans, which introduces the Laetoli trackway, a fossilized set of hominid footprints. Students make a trackway by painting their feet and walking on large paper. Then they compare measurements of their own footprints with actual data from the Laetoli Trail.
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Buncee for Education

With the right guidance, the abundance of design features make creating dynamic presentations a breeze.

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