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Bottom Line

This is a competitive entrant into the screencasting field and leans into ease-of-use and fewer restrictions vs. tons of features.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Screencasting tools like Vmaker have obvious uses for fully online learning, but they also have two key uses in traditional classrooms: instructional videos and learning documentation. Used as an instructional support, Vmaker can help teachers record presentations, lessons, or even analyses of work samples for students to access whenever they need to. As a tool to document learning, Vmaker can help students record think-alouds, presentations, or reflections on work.

What Is It?

Vmaker is a screen recording and video creation tool. With Vmaker, users can record their screen, webcam (and microphone), or both. After recording, users can make basic edits to the videos (trimming, flipping or rotating the image), and then download or publish videos to share to platforms ranging from YouTube to Twitter as well as embedding them in blogs or learning management systems. Notably, Vmaker doesn’t add a watermark to videos and allows for unlimited recording.

Is It Good for Learning?

Like any screen recording or screencasting tool, Vmaker helps students interact with recorded learning content at their own pace and in their own way. For a student who might struggle with a concept, a screencast a teacher might’ve recorded with Vmaker makes it possible to revisit a presentation multiple times. Being able to pause, make notes, and identify difficulties empowers students as learners. By recording and distributing content, teachers can move from the front of the class to work with individuals or small groups of students to differentiate. Though screencasting has clear uses in the learning environment, Vmaker has com
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