Take a look inside

Bottom Line

This is an instructional tool that could reinvent classroom workflow, especially for classrooms in the Google ecosystem.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Screencastify could become the anchor of a flipped classroom; however, teachers will want to avoid using Screencastify as yet another lecture tool. Teachers and students will want to start the process with an outline and maybe even a script to ensure that they’re not filling their videos with filler words, awkward pauses, unclear or off-topic statements, or boring content. Teachers and students could evaluate TED talks, famous speeches, or popular YouTube videos to study and incorporate some rhetorical tricks.

What Is It?

Screencastify is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to record, edit, and assign screencasts. To get started with Screencastify, click the icon in the Chrome toolbar and choose among the recording options: record a single tab in your web browser, capture all screen activity, or use your webcam to record or insert a video of yourself. While recording, use the tools to write, draw, erase, keep time, restart, or spotlight a section on the screen. There’s also an option to play the audio in a tab that you’re recording.

Is It Good for Learning?

Screencastify makes screen recording easy to implement — and frustration free — for teachers and students alike. The available tools — recording, editing, and assigning — strike a nice balance without going overboard or causing confusion. Making use of all three effectively could transform Screencastify into a cornerstone tool that drives everything from instruction to feedback to professional development to assessment in a classroom.