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Bottom Line

It's great for creating unique interactive lessons customized for every learner, but it might not be accessible for every student.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Most interactive lesson platforms are designed to make class time very engaging, and LessonUp will serve that purpose. But LessonUp might be best designed for independent or at-home learning, or for a hybrid classroom environment. In addition to live group instruction, teachers can assign lessons to their students (individually or as a class) to complete asynchronously. Use LessonUp to create a well-designed lesson with online videos, key terms, curated websites, images, and questions to check for understanding. Mark slides as “extra practice” or “extra challenge,” instruct students to take the path they need, or require completion of a certain number of each type.

What Is It?

LessonUp is a web-based interactive lesson platform that integrates text, images, videos, websites, maps, game-like quizzes, interactive slides, and open-ended questions. Using the lesson library, created by other teachers and partner organizations, teachers can use existing material or just start from scratch. Teachers can present lessons in class, with or without students participating on their own devices, or assign lessons to students for independent work. Students participate with the LessonUp app or in a web browser on any type of internet-connected device. During the lesson, teachers can annotate on the screen and choose whether or not to cast their screen to student devices. It’s also possible for teachers to chat with students during a lesson. Data is collected from every lesson, but it’s easier to monitor student progress if they log in to a LessonUp account. A differentiation feature lets teachers color-code slides to offer extra practice or create custom paths. Lessons can also be assigned to specific students instead of the whole class. Teachers can share lessons with each other via a link or by posting them in the LessonUp library.

Is It Good for Learning?

LessonUp delivers a well-designed experience for students and teachers alike. It combines all of the features of an app-based quizzing tool that make lessons interactive and tons of options to deliver quality lessons that address individual students’ needs. The slide template is divided into separate parts (preparation, instruction, practice, evaluation, and differentiation) to help you create a well-rounded lesson. Having an extensive lesson library saves teachers time, and there’s support to help you get started with all of the features. Sharing with students is simple, especially if your students use Google Classroom. If your students don’t have email, Google, or Microsoft 365 accounts, you can create LessonUp usernames for them. Students can use LessonUp without an account, but data collection is limited.