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The University of Kansas on Tuesday suspended two fraternities for five years following an investigation that accused the groups of hazing, the Associated Press reported.

Vice Provost for Student Affairs Tammara Durham wrote a letter to the two fraternities, Phi Gamma Delta and Phi Delta Theta, informing them that they will be removed from campus until the spring of 2027. Investigations conducted by national fraternity leadership and reviewed by a university panel found that both fraternities participated in a pattern of hazing that included sleep deprivation, assaults, forced workouts, destruction of pledges’ property and retaliation for reporting the behavior to university officials, the letter from Durham stated.

One pledge from Phi Gamma Delta suffered a concussion after being thrown against a locker, and pledges were forced to sleep in beds covered in vomit, urine and trash, according to the investigation. Phi Delta Theta was accused of having members break the personal items of pledges and throw their pillows and mattresses from windows. In 2018, the Interfraternity Council at the University of Kansas halted the activities of its 24 fraternities amid allegations of hazing among the chapters.

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