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Randy Boyd, president of the University of Tennessee system, did not attend the fundraiser for State Senator Mark Pody after all, let alone host it. Pody, a Republican, holds views against gay marriage and diversity, and Boyd originally said he was hosting the event as a private citizen, not as system president.

Boyd released this statement on Monday: “I made a mistake by offering to pay for breakfast at an event for Senator Mark Pody. Senator Pody and I do not agree on numerous issues. For instance, I strongly support diversity and inclusion, honoring and upholding LBGTQ rights and all university policies in that regard, and I think my record at UT these last three years speaks for itself. I offered as a private citizen to pay for breakfast for the small gathering. Senator Pody has acknowledged that he mistakenly listed me as ‘hosting’ the event on an invitation. I have not solicited nor did I intend to solicit any contributions for him. I have not made a contribution to him either personally or through a PAC. I did not attend the event and have decided not to pay for the breakfast. I’ve learned a great deal from this unfortunate situation, and I apologize for the concern and confusion it has caused. It will not happen again.”

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