Time Management for Online MBA – Some useful tips – 2021

Time Management for Online MBA Some useful tips

Managing a perfect work-life-study balance is tough. The only way to do that while studying for an online MBA is through proper time management. Read this blog to find out more about it.

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • Let us have a look at the useful tips to manage time effectively while studying for an online MBA.
  1. Know what you have enrolled for
  2. Set goals for yourself
  3. Runaway from procrastination and distraction
  4. Recognize the unnecessary tasks
  5. Know your limitations
  6. Assess your methods

As we know, a lot of students opting for online MBA programs are working professionals. Handling their work as well as educational commitments can be an overwhelming task. With so much on their plates, the only way to make things work is time management. Even if you are a fresher, without proper time management for an online MBA, things may get haywire for you. 

While we are all aware of the term ‘time management’, only a handful of us truly understand the concept behind it. Time management is not just about assigning each second of your day to a task. Rather, it’s about how you can save up on time by organizing things correctly. Good time management skills help you work smart rather than working hard.

Useful tips to manage time effectively while studying for an online MBA.

Let us have a look at them:

Know what you have enrolled for

This step may seem very obvious, but its importance can’t be stretched enough. Make a list of all your important deadlines, like assignment submission dates, exam dates, important classes, webinars, etc. This list will help you plan your personal commitments around your studies, thus creating a balance in your life. 

This step is even more crucial if you are a working professional. On top of study and personal commitment, you also have work commitments to tend to. You need to make sure that important dates of your work life and your studies don’t coincide. Knowing things in advance will help you plan things and avoid missing out. And also help with time management while studying for an online MBA.

Set goals for yourself

MBA programs are structured to train you in theoretical and practical knowledge. But to be successful in the world out there, you need to know a few more things. Therefore, set certain goals for yourself. Goals like widening your network, attending a seminar, creating a good relationship with your professor, etc. 

Don’t forget that your life doesn’t have to revolve around your online MBA program. In between setting and accomplishing your professional goals, also set personal goals for yourself. It can be as simple as talking to your friends or cultivating a hobby.

Besides, accomplishing long-term goals requires patience. If you are short on that, try breaking these goals down into smaller ones. Accomplishing it step by step will prove beneficial to your self-esteem.

Runaway from procrastination and distraction

While studying through the online medium, these two will be your biggest enemies. The idea of not attending the live session to meet a friend and taking the lesson through the recorded files may be extremely luring. But try to avoid it. Don’t forget that these tools are provided to make your journey easier. Don’t take undue advantage of it. 

Conditioning your brain with negative and positive reinforcements can be a good way to avoid procrastination and distraction. You will have to make out which one works best for you. 

Recognize the unnecessary tasks

We often use urgency as the deciding factor to judge the importance of a task. Learn to differentiate between urgency and importance. Before you commit yourself to a task, ask yourself the questions. Does this task need to be done right now? If not, then till what time can I postpone it. This will help you prioritize things and eliminate unnecessary tasks from your schedule. 

Know your limitations

Like every normal person, you have your limitations. Learn to recognize and respect these limitations. Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself can prove to be dangerous for your mental health. Also, avoid putting extra pressure on yourself. Remember that not all days are the same. Some days you may achieve 100 things and on some only one singular thing. Both are fine. 

Assess your methods

There is no single best method. Different things work for different people. Therefore, don’t forget to assess the methods that you have been using. If you feel you have not been getting satisfactory results, try tweaking things here and there. Use trial and error to find out the best possible method for time management while studying for an online MBA.

Final Words…

Online MBA programs are a journey. In this journey, your principal partner is your university. A good university helps its students at every step of the way. Lincoln University of Business and Management believes in this thoroughly. The flexibility of the courses lets the students maintain a perfect work-life-study balance. And the highly competent team of faculty here is there to guide the students throughout the course. Talk to our expert counselor to know more about our programs. 

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