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Supreme Court Rejects Stay for Yeshiva U | Inside Higher Ed

The Supreme Court lifted a stay of an order that Yeshiva University had to recognize an LGBTQ student group, the YU Pride Alliance. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Friday granted the stay but referred the case to the full Supreme Court. A New York judge had ruled that Yeshiva had to recognize the group last year.

The full Supreme Court said that Yeshiva had not used its other legal options, such as asking the New York appeals court for an expedited review. “If applicants seek and receive neither expedited review nor interim relief from the New York courts, they may return to this court,” the Supreme Court said.

Four justices dissented from the ruling. Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the dissenting justices, “The First Amendment guarantees the right to the free expression of religion, and if that provision means anything, it prohibits a state from enforcing its own preferred interpretation of Holy Scripture. Yet that is exactly what New York has done in this case.”

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