Star Education Announces The Participation Of Its Two British Curriculum Schools In The Prestigious Tycoon Enterprise Competition In The UAE | Dubai Education Guide

Star Education Announces The Participation Of Its Two British Curriculum

Star Education Announces The Participation Of Its Two British Curriculum Schools In The Prestigious Tycoon Enterprise Competition In The UAE

Star Education, a reputable network of British educational institutions in Dubai, announces its participation in the world-renowned Tycoon Enterprise Competition. In an attempt to help stimulate enterprising culture in the young minds at Star International School Al Twar and Mirdif, the schools have entered the competition led by Peter Jones CBE, a prolific british entrepreneur, businessman and reality tv personality.

The prestigious Tycoon Enterprise Competition was launched in 2012 as a response to the then Prime Minister of England’s pledge to support English schools in running their own businesses at the launch of StartUp Britain in 2011. The competition has expanded globally, and is now in its third year in the UAE, giving students across the world a chance to participate and be recognized for their efforts in the realm of business. Every year, each participating team of students has the opportunity to create a business plan, be lent money, and start a business, trade, and compete against other student companies through the Tycoon kickstarter style platform in a controlled environment. Over the years, Tycoon Enterprise Competition has accomplished a number of achievements through its platform, it has helped over 14,500 students pursue their business aspirations, helped over 94% of students feel more employable after participating in the competition, given 96% of students the sense of financial awareness through the program, and created businesses of which 85% have achieved profitability.

Star Education’s participation in the competition allows for its students to experience the world of business and instill an entrepreneurial spirit in every individual who wishes to participate. Star International School Al Twar and Mirdif are joining as two out of the current ten schools who are competing, each team looking to its Emirati students and being led by Senior School Leader Sean Lewis and Deputy Head of Secondary Reena Oates, respectively. Dubai is often portrayed as a successful startup destination with several entrepreneurial opportunities, and a competition such as this one where the Emirate’s students may participate and establish strong business skills from a young age, will provide them with a solid platform to present themselves and their ideas.

Ms. Reena Oates, who has led her previous school to victory in the competition for two consecutive years, shared, “We believe that helping our students develop these business skills from a young age helps to set them up for their futures by giving them a strong foundation to build upon for their careers. Our students have the opportunity to be recognized for their ideas and how they can use them to create businesses that have a positive impact on the world.”

More than a school, Star Education is a community for families and its faculty members. Staff are able to provide students with a personalized learning experience through a holistic approach, which ensures the curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of its students for academic and vocational pathways. Star Education’s foundation is built on nine qualities which the community prides itself on: success, tolerance, ambition, resilience, loyalty, inclusivity, gratefulness, honesty, and thoughtfulness. These qualities are cultivated across Star Education school students and are used to aid their personal and social development.

To enroll your child at Star International Al Twar or Mirdif, please visit or to learn more about their admissions process.

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