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Six Hats Method 🧢

The Six Hats method, also known as “De Bono’s Six Hats,” is a thinking tool developed by Dr. Edward de Bono. It is a way of organizing thinking and communication in a group setting. The method is based on the idea that there are six different “hats” or thinking roles that people can take on during a discussion or decision-making process. These roles are represented by colored hats:

White Hat: This represents an objective, logical, and neutral thinking style. It is used for gathering information and data.
Red Hat: This represents an emotional and intuitive thinking style. It is used for expressing feelings, hunches, and instincts.
Black Hat: This represents a critical and skeptical thinking style. It is used for identifying problems, weaknesses, and potential risks.
Yellow Hat: This represents a positive and constructive thinking style. It is used for identifying opportunities, benefits, and solutions.
Green Hat: This represents a creative and innovative thinking style. It is used for generating new ideas and possibilities.
Blue Hat: This represents a strategic and meta-cognitive thinking style. It is used for coordinating and managing the thinking process.

During a Six Hats activity, participants take on different hats as they discuss a topic or make a decision. The activity can be used in a classroom setting to help students learn to think critically, creatively, and cooperatively. It can be used in business settings to help teams make decisions, solve problems, or generate new ideas.

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