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Short story

Once upon a time , in 2017 .

I received a call from student in grade 12 ,he was asking me “ Mr.Omar , Ive heard about you from my friend and I need your help , I need to pass the final exam , and I was having a unexpected  circumstances , my father dead and iam sad ,I cant study , I cant focus , and my exam is one week from now “ 

I said “ listen , we all going to left this life , but what matters is how we left the life , its ok , ill check my schedule and call you back “ 

only in 4 days – 4 hours a day we finished the subject – review important questions . 

before I left i told him once you finish , I need another 3 hours – to show you several application of what you studied in real life . 

and he accept . 

now my student working in high position . 

what amazing about teaching is a rewarding job , you can realize the success in your students . 


but whats important is how to use it in real life , math can simplify life’s , can make it more logical . 

1 month

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