SGG’s annual ‘Cookie for a Cause’ campaign kicksoff tomorrow

SGGs annual ‘Cookie for a Cause campaign kicksoff tomorrow

SGG’s annual ‘Cookie for a Cause’ campaign kicksoff tomorrow

Humanitarian fundraisingcampaign tobenefit hearing impaired students
at Al WafaSchool for Capacity Development in Sharjah

Sharjah, October 09, 2021

Sharjah Girl Guides (SGG) isall set to kickstart its annual humanitarian campaign, ‘Cookie for a Cause’,tomorrow (Sunday) to help raise funds for the purchase of hearing aids for the hearing impairedstudents atAl Wafa School for Capacity Developmentin Sharjah.

The annual fundraising campaignfollows the longstanding cookie-selling tradition of the global Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, and is aimed at developing theleadership skills of Brownies, Guides, and Senior Guides and enriching their experiencesby undertaking different charity endeavours.

SGG members, aged 7-18 years, will sell cookies at the Paper Fig Restaurant & Dessert Shop at University City in Sharjah, until the conclusion of the campaign on December 10.

In preparation for the campaign, SGG members underwent five training workshops in September to acquire vital skills in developing strategic thinking, enhancing entrepreneurial capabilities, and learning the essentials of sales and fundraising.

Shaikha Al Shamsi, Manager of SGG, called on community members to support the noble cause that reflects the Emirati community’s values of givingands helps develop a sense of social responsibility amongst all SGG members, while also benefiting hearing impaired students in Sharjah.

The young girl guides will use a special SGG recipe to prepare cookies for the campaign that will be available for sale starting tomorrow at the Paper Fig Restaurant & Dessert Shop.

The girl guides’ cookie-selling tradition was launched nearly a century ago to raise funds for guiding activities, which SGG has adaptedfor its annual humanitarian initiatives.


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