It is my great pleasure to recommend Mr. Suleiman Al Azzab for a position at your reputable school. Mr. Suleiman was a treasured member of our faculty and was loved by students and teachers alike. As the Assistant Headteacher and DP Coordinator of Dar Al Marefa, I can assure you that he is an outstanding teacher who will quickly become an integral member of your school’s community.

While Mr. Suleiman’s title was Head of Islamic studies in our school, his scope of work went beyond his written job description. He was responsible for managing the teachers and for providing them with oversight and direction. He stayed on top of all projects in the department and classes and coordinated the steps in the teachers’ planning, implementation, and assessment of the curriculum.

He was able to communicate with all stakeholders effectively, and he displayed ma fine personal and professional qualities normally attributed to outstanding teache He carried out his responsibilities in a responsible and dependable manner. 

Mr. Suleiman’s warm personality and rapport with the students were excellent. His knowledge of the subject was highly recognized and commendable. His willingness to take suggestions, modify lessons, and experiment with new strategies demonstrated his motivation and reflection about teaching and learning. 

Working with Mr. Suleiman, I was always impressed with his commitment to lifelong learning. He successfully collaborated with his colleagues, took advantage of several professional development opportunities offered in Dar Al Marefa, and externally with the IB organization. He also went out of his way to elicit feedback from his students, inviting them to share their experiences, reflect and set future targets at the end of each semester. It’s this commitment to growth and his students’ wellbeing that makes Mr. Suleiman an outstanding educator who empowers his students.

Mr. Suleiman has my highest recommendation for the position of Head of Islamic Studies, and I look forward to learning more about the accomplishments that lie in his professional future. I am confident he will become an invaluable addition to your faculty. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information.


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