I have had the pleasure of working with Mr Suleiman at Dar Al Marefa Private School, Dubai and as the Head of Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department, I am well qualified to assess his suitability to work as an educator and a team leader for a private school that has set high demands and professional standards for its employees. I was directly involved with observing his lessons, discussing individual students with him, and liaising with him during departmental meetings. I am pleased to say that Mr Suleiman is an exceptional teacher and a department head. He has shown excellent ability in adapting his teaching methods to students of different academic levels, and he has offered valuable advice and support to other colleagues, particularly in relation to differentiation, effective teaching, and curriculum planning. We highly valued his work in our school, and any place in which Mr Suleiman is employed will benefit greatly from his convivial spirit and strong work ethic. Therefore, I cannot less than highly recommend him.

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