PLAYA Beach Club Now Open on Palm West Beach

PLAYA Beach Club Now Open on Palm West Beach

PLAYA Beach Club Now Open on Palm West Beach

PLAYA Brings Fusion Peruvian Cuisine and Shamanic House Beats to Palm West Beach

Dubai, June 10th, 2022. Nested on Palm West Beach on the Jumeirah Palm island, undeniably the most beautiful beach stretch in Dubai! PLAYA is life renewed. The embodiment of its origins, PLAYA aims to transcend its physicality to become that feeling of renewed vigor for life, experienced through all the senses.

PLAYA Beach Club Now Open on Palm West Beach 1

Playa Beach Club offers an indoor restaurant as well as multiple outdoor lounge areas, from the beautiful white sandy beach adjacent to the chilled swimming pools facing Dubai’s most gorgeous Skyline and Sundowner overlooking the Dubai Eye. Playa Beach Club will host a daily complete program of lively events, from Brunch feasts of Peruvian Flavors and free flowing drinks, to signature Business and Corporate lunches to Sunday live cooking as well as daily inspirational sunset rituals, where the Shamanic House vibes celebrate the change from day to night with extravagant ceremonies.

The Peruvian inspired menu features a particular focus on seafood such as Ceviche and Nikkei dripping with traditional and authentic Peruvian flavors and spices, it also offers an exquisite variety of Grade 5 Wagyu beef meat, chicken, lamb and vegetables. Outdoor partygoers and diners can also choose from the pool and beach bar menu a delightful selection of signature light bites such as Choclo and Asparagus, the Antichuchera, the Leche de Tigre in addition to a full range of Vegetarian signature bites with a Peruvian-Japanese inspiration. Shisha lovers will be able to enjoy their selection of flavored Shishas that will be served at the beach restaurant and lounge.

PLAYA Beach Club is open from 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM daily. 

Kids are allowed if accompanied by adults and not at the bar section / Pets are not allowed.

Reservations: Phone 800PLAYA or +971 50 504 4506

Instagram: @playadubai #playadubai #playadxb


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Behind the concept of PLAYA, is a Japanese fisherman who left Japan to Peru having in mind the opening his own Cevicheria. He had to adapt to the Peruvian culture and local produce in order to create his vision of the Nikkei Peruvian Cuisine – fish from the Pacific, quinoa, aji Amarillo peppers transformed by Japanese techniques.

This colorful and vibrant new Beach Club concept celebrates the renewal of Life by encouraging individuality with soulful music while embracing the Sun in every bite of the exquisite fusion cuisine by Peruvian Chef Carlo Valentino and every sip from the extensive signature Pisco inspired cocktail drinks menu crafted by the Playa Beach Bar team.

Playa’s food inspirations originate from the diversity of the Peruvian climate and landscapes, ranging from the desert strip on the Pacific coast where its capital Lima is located to the Andes, the world’s longest mountain range, and the Amazon basin, with the largest rain forest on earth.

The Peruvian cuisine is a fusion of local and international flavors. Rooted in the indigenous traditions, it has gained influences from various other cultures including Spanish, African, Chinese and Japanese over the past several hundred years. The main secret in the Peruvian cuisine is the strong influence of the INCA – native flavors. No matter how fusion, modern and unique the dish will be, you will always feel the kick and highlight of the traditional Peruvian flavors in it.

The central culinary experience at Playa revolves around Ceviche and Nikkei stations:

  • Ceviche is the most famous Peruvian dish and has been declared to be part of Peru’s “national heritage” it is composed of chunks of raw fish, marinated in freshly squeezed key lime or bitter orange (Naranja Agria) juice, with sliced onions, chili peppers, salt and pepper.
  • Nikkei cuisine is the fusion of Japanese recipes and traditions with Peruvian ingredients. The Japanese introduced new ingredients to Peruvian cuisine like miso, ginger, soy, wasabi and rice vinegar. They also integrated Peruvian ingredients such as aji or yellow pepper, Andes potatoes and corn.

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