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Lincoln University of Business 2022 Round-Up 

As the new year commences, we take a look back at LUBM 2022 Round-Up and the lessons it has taught us. Each moment was insightful for our students at Lincoln University of Business, replete with learning, bonding, and new chapters. We organized several events, some of which have never been done before. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into our LUBM 2022 Round-Up.

At Lincoln University of Business, we’re constantly trying to inspire and empower our students. The “Bringing Women to Work” seminars, conducted in April, explored the skills needed for women to enter the workforce while being completely prepared and equipped for a new era. Sessions were held by experts in the field.

  • Dr. Rex Bacarra looked into effective communication skills that enable better work and social interactions for women at work. 
  • Ms. Nidhi Bansal taught us about digital fundamentals including developing Excel & IT skillsets, two essentials in the workplace today. 
  • Ms Marina van Zyl gave us insights into starting our very own small-scale business and traversing an entrepreneurial journey.

Research Methodology Workshop

Conducted by Dr. Rekha Pillai, this workshop on Research Methods explored the facets of qualitative research and the best ways to execute them. It was done online by an internationally renowned researcher, helping students look beyond their current research capabilities and expand their skills. In an era of fake news and information, such knowledge is vital for well-rounded, and excellently thought-out research.

Iftar Get-Togethers

We had two prominent Iftar events in April. The first one was attended by the students of York St John University and the University of the West of Scotland, and the second hosted the students of Geneva Business School. Through such events, we grow our relationship with these fine educational institutions and enable bonding among students from different backgrounds and cultures. They were true moments of celebration and unity.

8 Years Celebration

The end of April witnessed 8 years of Lincoln University of Business celebrations. The university has grown by leaps and bounds ever since our inception, with over 4500 students, 85+ nationalities,500+ Alumni, and 125+ Staff & Faculty. Change is a constant but our vision stays cemented. We will always aim to give working professionals excellent learning experiences and prepare them for the world as exceptional graduates.

From May-September 2022 we organized several Project Management Seminars by renowned experts and institutions. These seminars encouraged our students to learn about real-world scenarios, further preparing them for the workforce. 

  • In May we had two sessions by Najmul Hussain Jaleel, a power-packed intensive on Project Management trends in 2022.
  • In August we held a Study Seminar in coordination with Analyzer Consulting, where students of the UWS MSc Project Management finished a live project.
  • Another Seminar was held in September, this time by Dr. Mazin Gadir, on the importance of change and how leaders should manage this in a project, followed by another incredibly interesting seminar by Mr. Amit Bajpai.

International Yoga Day

Celebrated on June 21st annually, International Yoga Day is the perfect opportunity to look inward. Studies show that Yoga is a true stress-buster, increases immunity levels, and helps you stay fit! The pandemic focused on the importance of boosting health and immunity, and the occasion was a perfect way to impart knowledge to our staff and students. 

Yoga keeps cells vital and systematically reduces stress in the body while reducing inflammation. We gathered expert Yoga practitioners together on this special occasion and conducted sessions with our students, teaching them simple techniques that they can use daily to fight stress and enhance their health. 

YSJ and GBS Dual Graduations

An unprecedented occasion, we successfully managed to complete two back-to-back graduation events in Dubai. The first was for York St John University and the second was for Geneva Business School, very close together, and at different locations in the heart of Dubai. These were attended by 350 graduates who finished their respective courses with a gala celebration. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our staff, partners, and of course, students. In a post-pandemic era, it isn’t easy to organize two events of such a scale, and we are very proud of what we have achieved!

And there you have it! We had an impeccable 2022, a gateway to celebrations, graduations, and learning. At Lincoln University of Business, we believe the past moulds our future as we learn from our successes and failures to create new goals. We hope that 2023 is as eye-opening as 2022 and that our students go beyond the norm and travel the path to success. The team at Lincoln University of Business wishes you a brilliant year ahead. 

That’s how we called off LUBM 2022 Round-Up !!

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Lincoln University of Business 2022 Round-Up 
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