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JOB DESCRIPTION The successful candidate must have a secure knowledge of teaching and learning and a track record of implementing effective strategies to raise standards and plug gaps in learning. The successful candidates will be able to demonstrate leadership skills/experiences at a variety of levels.The successful candidate will be able to model outstanding planning and teaching and learning strategies, with an understanding of priorities to move a grade group forward. The successful candidate will be willing to coach and motivate others when support is needed and be able to work collaboratively in a team.The successful candidate will be closely aligned with our core values (Excellence, Integrity, Passion, Respect and Collaboration) and possess a genuine understanding and appreciation of the values of the region. RESPONSIBILITIES To lead and manage a team of homeroom teachers and classroom assistants, monitoring, developing and assessing their roles, and supporting their professional development To lead the development and monitoring of school policies within their Grade Group e.g. Homework, Behaviour, Attendance To lead and manage effective and professional Grade Group team meetings, distributing agendas and minutes as per school policy To work with grade group teachers to deliver pastoral topics within the team; to monitor the teaching and learning and impact of the programme To provide induction and training for any staff new to the team To develop proactively your Grade Group’s high standards of learning, attitude, uniform, attendance, well-being, punctuality, citizenship and responsibility To oversee Parent Teacher Consultations for your Grade Group with the aim of maximising attendance To take an active role in organising Awards Assemblies for your Grade Group To attend scheduled Grade Group Leader meetings with your line manager. Student progressTo monitor and review throughout the year the academic progress of your Grade Group, and of individual students; to support staff establishing intervention strategies To liaise with the SLT on matters of student progress – to include academic, personal and social issues Monitor attendance and punctuality within your grade team and take steps to improve both in line with school targets To undertake Quality Assurance of the reporting processes used with your Grade Group Student Guidance and SupportTo set a positive tone of high expectation in your cohort, encouraging maximum involvement in the extra- curricular opportunities available QUALIFICATIONS Minimum Qualifications•    Bachelor of Education or Bachelor in relevant major and PGCE or equivalent Teaching Qualification.Minimum Experience5-years’ experience of which 3 consecutive years teaching performance exceeds standards and expectations as evidenced by Performance Appraisal. To have the required level in English language to deliver the curriculum of the school and determined by the relevant authority in UAE. Previous experience of working in US Curriculum will be an advantage.

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