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International Pavilions Highly Present at DUPHAT 2023

International Pavilions Highly Present at DUPHAT 2023

Türkiye, Poland, ChinaIntroducePopular Products to Region for FirstTime

Multiple NewProduct Launches and Powerful Conference DialogueRevamps Pharma Industry

International Pavilions Highly Present at DUPHAT 2023 1

Dubai, UAE – 11 January 2023:DUPHAT Conference and Exhibitioncommenced its second day with great success as the conference and exhibition is set to attract more than 26,000 people. The exhibitionis witnessing multiple extraordinary launches of new products to the world and an illustrious scientific conference program that divulges deep into the heart of medicine.

Approximately 82 countries are present at DUPHAT this year, driving a large international competition and cross-collaboration between companies and agents alike, withTürkiye, Poland, and China participating with designated country pavilions to introduce their revered products into the market. The annual three-day event at the World Trade Centre is the largest pharmaceutical event in the Middle East and Africa, and is known to be the gateway for western and European companies and organizations to tap into the bursting regional market fueled by first-rate healthcare and affordable over-the-counter medicine.

Product Launches at the Exhibition

More than 1,100 companies and brands are competing to triumph the start of the new year and set a high-level of excellence that is sure to raise the standards of quality in the industry. Many are taking advantage andlaunching new products at DUPHAT this yearhoping to make a powerful impact and technology is shown to be increasingly valuable.

LifeScan Middle East from the UAEis showcasing their new diabetes management app that will greatly help patients to keep track of their health and insulin levels. Hikma Pharmaceutical launched new products – Bufomix, a new easy-to-use asthma inhaler that gives accurate doses;and Baxdela, an antibiotic to heal skin and soft tissue infections from wounds and open areas. Technophar Equipment and Service, a Canadian based company, launched a new commercial scale soft-gelmachine into the market that, depending on machine size, can produce anywhere from 2,000-500,000 soft-gel medicine and cosmetic pills per hour. Additionally, Gilead Sciences, a US-based company with offices in Dubai, announced that they are expanding their activity into Oncology to meet the growing demand for innovative medicine and products that promises to heal different forms of cancer.

The Turkish Pavilion

Notably, DUPHAT is witnessing a 70% increased participation of companies from Türkiyefrom last year. Turkish companies have stated that DUPHAT is the best gateway to spreading their products across the Middle East and Africa, as their products have become increasingly popular from residents of those areas over the years.

Turkish products and medicines are considered high-quality due to the competitive nature amongst the thousands of companies within the country, which also helps to keep prices affordable. The companies at DUPHAT this year are introducing their popular products to be sold in the region this year for the first time ever.

Mr. Emre Kabas, Managing Partner of Idesse, stated: “The market represented through DUPHAT is at least eight times larger than that of Türkiye, so we are looking to expand our products through the UAE and MEA as a whole.” The tech company that exclusively focuses on the pharmaceutical sector recently launched Pharmacy Order and Loyalty Application, a mobile-friendly app that rewards users for purchasing products from select pharmacies. They introduced this app at DUPHAT and are in discussions with multiple agencies for its release.

Various exciting products are being displayed that are attracting DUPHAT visitors in Dubai like the 24K Gold Face Masks from ELiT PHARMA. The company, whichis based in Istanbul, says that the mask helps to keep the face feeling fresher and looking younger. They also displayed their award-winning products from Hair MD Clinical – various hair-transplant medicines ranging from shampoo, syrup, vitamins sources from natural stem-cells. When asked about their interest in participating at DUPHAT, Mr. Murat Kelce, Import-Export Manager, stated: “DUPHAT is helping us to break into the Middle East and Africa.” He continued to state that there are more than 10,00 companies in Türkiye, which keeps the market very competitive in quality standards and helps to keep prices attractive and affordable for everyone.

Other notable products from Türkiye also included Cogni-Zone and Cogni-Zone I from VitaniQ. The former battles memory loss and helps to keeps one focused, while the ladder improves eye vision and heal nerves that battle loss of sight. “We are looking to help people live better lives,” stated Dr. Hüseyin Yilmaz, Board of Directors Member and Corporate Relations Director.

The Conference

Local powerhouse Axios International, a global pioneering healthcare access company, has organized a two-day multi-stakeholder scientific program with an aim to transform accessibility and improve healthcare efficiency. The two-day engaging, and power-packed scientific program titled ‘The Impact of Access on Healthcare Efficiency,’ generates a 360-degree point-of-view and focuses on diverse perspectives from regulators, healthcare providers, private industries, patients, and society.

Dr. Joseph Saba, CEO and Co-Founder of Axios International, stated: “Most patients’ treatment journey takes place outside the hospital. Therefore, there is an urgent need to close the gap between existing healthcare systems and changing patient needs. This can improve adherence to treatment and diagnosis services, providing equitable healthcare access to patients, especially those requiring chronic and lifelong medications.”

Mr. Anas Nofal, Managing Partner at Axios International, stated: “Axios and DUPHAT have a strong partnership of over 10 years. This year at DUPHAT 2023 we are presenting a two-day unique, exciting, and engaging scientific program that is bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds to discuss the efficiency of healthcare access scientifically, systematically and with data-led insights that address issues from various perspectives to improve efficiency.”

The Dubai International Pharmaceutical Technologies Conference and Exhibition – DUPHAT, whichcontinues for one more day, is organised annually by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding, and is supported by Dubai Health Authority, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology, European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, European Society of Clinical Pharmacy, and the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy.


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International Pavilions Highly Present at DUPHAT 2023
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