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Important of math in business .

Have you ever been asking where i will use the complicated equations in Math ,specially if you are a doctor or lawyer , i mean this job is need to memorize things .

Let me explain some great application of math in our life’s , when i started my first business I struggle to find the best price for my service , in same time i wasn’t knowing how many customer will visit my shop and how much ill pay for my employee .all these questions you have to answer it .

some will say “ ill ask expert to give business plan “ other will say “ ill ask around and do the same “ 

will both cases need certain amount of money and it will depends mainly on your cash and total saving . 

Dont be shock if i told you that all of these just need some calculations .

other exciting application of math is to measure you future investments , your perfect model that suits you “ but here it will need some times to be analytical expert which is a part of math “ 

If you still not convinced about math . Then the day you will pay money for an simple equation is coming .


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