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How to convince some one !!!!


Pathos, ethos, and logos are three concepts used in rhetoric to appeal to an audience.

Pathos is an appeal to the audience’s emotions.
Ethos is an appeal to the audience’s sense of trust or credibility.
Logos is an appeal to the audience’s sense of logic or reason.

Where this words come from ?

The concepts of pathos, ethos, and logos come from ancient Greek philosophy and rhetoric. They were first defined by Aristotle in his work “Rhetoric,” in which he explains how these techniques can be used to persuade an audience.

In Ancient Greece, rhetoric was a central part of education and was studied as a means of persuading others through speaking or writing. The concept of persuasion is what underlies the three concepts of pathos, ethos, and logos, which are essentially different strategies for appealing to an audience.

Pathos is related to the Greek word “pathos” which means “suffering” or “experience” Ethos from “ethos” meaning “character” or “disposition” Logos from “logos” meaning “word” or “reason”

Aristotle’s ideas about rhetoric and persuasion were highly influential in the development of Western rhetoric and continue to be studied and applied in various fields today, such as advertising, politics, and public speaking.

Example to understand 

Pathos: A charity organization might use images of sick children to elicit feelings of sympathy and compassion in potential donors, in order to convince them to give money to the organization.

Ethos: A doctor might cite their years of experience and education in order to establish their credibility and convince their patient to follow their recommended treatment plan.

Logos: A politician might use statistics and data to argue that their policy will lead to a reduction in crime and make the community safer, in order to persuade voters to support their campaign.

In all these example, the speaker or writer is using different techniques to appeal to audience’s emotions, credibility and sense of logic to persuade them to agree with their point of view or actions.


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