Hidden eBook Gems: 10 eLearning Beach Reads

Hidden eBook Gems: 10 eLearning Beach Reads

10 eLearning eBooks To Kick Off Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to relax, unwind, and soak up some new eLearning know-how. These eLearning eBooks can help you demonstrate business impact, choose the right custom learning solutions, and so much more.

10 eLearning Summer Must-Reads

1. Spark A Digital Workplace Transformation By iTacit

For frontline and remote staff, intelligent, digital workforce tools make their shifts more fulfilling and productive. They benefit from technology at every point in their day. Preparing employees for the jobs of tomorrow is key to helping staff stay motivated to learn and eager to contribute. This eBook helps you light the spark!

2. How L&D Professionals Are Using Digital Bootcamps To Build Teams Of Tomorrow By Simplilearn

With the massive changes occurring in the digital economy today, enterprises face a challenge in creating and maintaining a future-ready workforce. This eBook shows you how to use digital boot camps to bridge skill gaps and boost team performance.

3. COVID And The Great Resignation: Reimagining The Frontline Workplace And How Employers Can Compete By Bites

We are living in an era that is redefining the way we shop, eat, gather, and do social functions that were seen as so natural before the pandemic set into our lives. Redefining the new normal and coping with labor shortages is done through communication, training, and constant feedback. Hybrid work, new disciplines, and the ever-changing workplace are what this eBook is about.

4. Insider Secrets To Select The Best Custom Learning Solutions For The Future Of Work By Integra

Selecting the best learning solution is a difficult process, and it’s easy to make a mistake that could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars, missed deadlines, dissatisfied learners, and loss of revenue. This eBook walks you through every aspect of the evaluation process so that you can easily choose the appropriate solution for your organization.

5. Demonstrating True Business Impact: How To Measure And Maximize Your Learning Outcomes By NuVeda LLC

This eBook offers guidance on how to measure learning outcomes and tips to choose a learning platform that can help you demonstrate real business impact. It also takes you through the Kirkpatrick model of learning measurement to propel Learning and Development initiatives forward using the CALF™ platform.

6. How To Launch A Skills-Forward Talent Strategy By Cornerstone OnDemand

Developing a skills-forward talent strategy can help you unite people growth with business success. This guide outlines four key steps involved in this strategy.

7. Time For Change: How To Launch A Successful Cultural Transformation Training Strategy For Your Enterprise By Docebo

This eBook helps you introduce staffers to new brand values, corporate beliefs, and key policies of your changing organizational culture. We’ll show you how to continually evolve your brand with the right cultural transformation training strategy.

8. Reshaping Talent Development: How Technology Is Redefining Performance Management By Trainery

This eBook looks at how tech is redefining performance management, the experience gaps that remain, and how new, intelligent solutions are giving HR leaders and employees a better, more effective, and efficient path forward.

9. Your Microlearning Journey Roadmap: How To Launch A Microlearning Game-Based Strategy That Gets Rapid Results By Code Of Talent

Explore the benefits of game-based learning and how it helps bridge gaps and boost performance. We’ll even discuss real-life examples and case studies so that you can leverage the full potential of microlearning gamification for your L&D program.

10. Are You Audit-Ready? How To Deliver A Seamless And Scalable Compliance Training Program By Adobe

Compliance training isn’t just about ticking the boxes. Employees must be able to apply what they’ve learned in the real world and avoid on-the-job mistakes. That said, every organization needs to be ready in the event of an audit, whether it’s external or internal. This scalable compliance training program guide can help you prep your team for every eventuality and ensure that everything is above board when it comes to compliance tracking and reporting.

Looking For More eLearning Tips And Tricks?

Check out our eLearning eBook library for more must-reads. There are over 400 titles to choose from, penned by industry thought leaders and L&D insiders.


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