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Grand Opening of the First NFT Shop in Dubai and the MENA Region

Grand Opening of the First NFT Shop in Dubai and the MENA Region

Grand Opening of the First NFT Shop in Dubai and the MENA Region 2

ftNFT is an NFT Marketplace operating within the Fastex ecosystem powered by SoftConstruct. Home to over 8 brands, SoftConstruct offers cutting-edge IT solutions to different industries. Subsequently, the aim to level up transparency between businesses and communities led the giant tech to an ecosystem that encompasses blockchain technology. Now the Fastex ecosystem with its ftNFT marketplace intends to be a trend away from what is ordinary by having the first-ever NFT shops in the MENA region.

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Grand Opening of the First NFT Shop in Dubai and the MENA Region 3

On 22 December 2022, the ftNFT marketplace officially brought its virtual ventures into the non-virtual world by opening the first NFT shop in Dubai. The shop now welcomes its international enthusiasts at the Mall of the Emirates, one of the most popular retail and entertainment destinations in the UAE.

The opening ceremony took place last Thursday with well-known Emirati faces among the attendance. Artists, influencers, and public figures carrying enthusiasm all along with the novel experiences promised by the ftNFT marketplace turned the event into a major landmark in the history of NFTs. Many prominent figures were invited to share their thoughts and insight. In addition, artists whose collections played a leading role in having a physical NFT shop made speeches and inspired many more to follow their leads.

The shop is a display of collections by Amrita Sethi, AKNEYE, and many more. The first NFT artist in the UAE, Amrita Sethi’s work is an alliance between physical and digital arts. The award-winning artist crafts multimedia dynamic forms of art through sound, storytelling and augmented reality merged in physical art, NFTs and fashion. Moreover, her role as a thought leader in the Web3 space has become a source of inspiration to many. AKNEYE on the other hand is a platform that brings international artists together with a vision. Known for its distinctive sculpture collection of eyes, AKNEYE is now making a groundbreaking move to the virtual world by making its sculptures available in the form of NFTs.

From a casual walk in the gallery to a 3D scanner that makes avatars for virtual reality lovers, the shop offers more than just an ordinary shopping experience. The very notion of having a physical shop was all about encouraging creativity in solid technological platforms where all the attention is on the trading side of this game. The ftNFT shop gives everyone equal opportunities to craft and personalize NFTs that can be either picked up by the five senses or experienced virtually. In other words, this is the place where the borderline separating traditional and digital art fades away.

The shop found its rightful place in the Mall of Emirates thanks to the construction that Impact Group completed together with the designers from SoftConstruct. Established in 1988, in Lebanon, the Impact Group Co is an architecture company that carries out innovative and premium-quality projects on time for world-class businesses and brands.

Through its first-of-its-kind shops in the MENA region, the ftNFT marketplace is shaping a community of artists, enthusiasts, and potential investors to create, buy, and sell NFTs.

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Grand Opening of the First NFT Shop in Dubai and
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