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Eurovets’ continues to add cutting-edge solutions to improve the veterinary segment

Eurovets’ continues to add cutting-edge solutions to improve the veterinary segment

Eurovets’ continues to add cutting-edge solutions to improve the veterinary segment 1

Dubai, UAE, Oct 2022: Animal diseases and health challenges are constantly evolving. Scientific advances and emerging technologies, from artificial intelligence to stem cell therapy and new generations of vaccines, have provided greater opportunities to predict, prevent, diagnose, and treat animal illness more quickly, accurately and safely. Eurovets  a leading distributor of veterinary products / services continue to break new ground in reducing disease spread and its impact with its state-of-the-art solutions. Some of the key services offered are-

1. Allergy Test and Treatment

Allergy treatment is a long-term process. You must continue treatment, for as long as you wish your pet to experience relief. The SPOT Platinum+ test examines 92 different environmental allergens. After performing the SPOT Platinum+ test you will know which allergens the animal is allergic to and treatment can begin.

2. Blood Bank for small companion animals

The Small Animal Blood Bank uses blood from healthy donors and processes this life saving resource into multiple clinically useful components. SaBB ensures that every donation is safe, used to its full extent and accessible when needed. The end result being that one single donation can save up to 4 animals.

3. Reference Laboratory

Pathology services play a crucial role in ensuring accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for patient monitoring. IDEXX Reference Laboratory is an accredited laboratory which assures vets receive technically validated results. This service is made available to registered Eurovets  customers on behalf of SaBB.

4. Titer Test/ VacciCheck for pets

VacciCheck is a simple and affordable titer test, designed to monitor an animal’s immunity status as a result of vaccination, in order to confirm protection and avoid unnecessary vaccination in immunized pets.

5. Pet Insurance

Eurovets  is the Marketer advisor for Salama Pet Insurance in the UAE. Salama Pet Insurance Is an emergency coverage plan for, accidents and illnesses, Surgery, Alternative Therapies, Specialist Treatment and other Medical Emergencies.

6. Practice Management Software

Eurovets   offers RxWorks practice management solutions to all veterinary businesses to help optimize practice revenue and streamline processes and workflow.

7. Cold Chain Solutions

Industry reports state that the cold chain industry accounts for 15% of worldwide electricity production. In an effort to minimise energy wastage and boost operational performance, Eurovets has collaborated with Vakava Technologies, experts in the fields of cold chain to provide sustainable cold chain solutions. This technology can be used across veterinary grocery, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals or any other business that require a cooling solution while transporting products.

8. Biosecurity/ Disinfectant & Treatment

Eurovets  helps animal segment businesses maintain Biosecurity/ Disinfectant & Treatment Solutions with the F10 range of products. It offers periodic free Biosecurity trainings to customers, to help them maintain Biosecurity levels in their facility.

It is important that veterinary industry has complete access to the above services to safeguard the health of pets. Contact Eurovets  – your complete supply and solutions partner for information on these services and new innovations in veterinary segment.


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Eurovets’ continues to add cutting-edge solutions to improve the veterinary
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