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eLearning Perks: 7 Reasons Why Online Training Is Worth The Investment

Why Does Your Company Need eLearning?

If there is one thing that has changed in the corporate world in recent years, that is the surge in the use of online training. More and more companies are replacing traditional methods of Instructor-Led Training for eLearning courses. But why is that? What are the added benefits that lead these companies to change their whole training culture? If you’re wondering the same thing, read on to discover 7 eLearning perks that will convince you that this investment is worth your while.

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L&D Expense Sheet: How To Calculate eLearning Costs And Stretch Your Budget

All the perks that eLearning brings to the table make it the best way for learners to access and retain information. But how do you set a realistic budget and stick to it?

7 eLearning Perks That Will Transform Your Business

1. Reduces Expenses

The initial cost of setting up an online training program is what usually scares companies away from eLearning. But they’re not looking at the big picture. In reality, eLearning saves your company money in the long run by eliminating all costs of on-site training, such as traveling and accommodation costs for trainers and trainees, or renting a venue and creating physical training material. In addition, all content is digital, which makes it easier to update and reuse. This reduces the need for in-house course developers, as you will only require their help during the course creation stage or when the software needs to be upgraded.

2. Saves Employees Time

It’s also worth mentioning what a time-saver online learning is. Compared to traditional training methods, creating and updating digital content is much faster. Learning Management Systems usually come equipped with templates that help you create new courses in a fraction of the time you needed before. Also, information is organized in small chunks, allowing employees to access it whenever they have free time. For example, they can complete a ten-minute module while commuting instead of having to disrupt their workday and sit through a two-hour-long training session.

3. Streamlines The Learning Process

Another perk of eLearning is that it makes the whole training process more straightforward for all parties involved. On the one hand, course developers can create standardized courses that produce readily measurable results. This helps your company ensure that the quality of the course is consistent through and through. On the other hand, learners get high-quality resources on the spot instead of waiting for physical training material to be delivered to their department. Moreover, they get prompt notifications about certifications that need to be updated, upcoming courses, events, etc.

4. Offers Personalized Learning

Traditional learning leaves little room for optimization. Course materials, as well as their way of delivery, have been determined beforehand. This means that all learners, regardless of their preferred learning style, are trained the exact same way. However, an important eLearning benefit is that it accommodates different preferences by providing trainees with content in text, video, auditory, or game form. In addition, eLearning allows learners to progress at their preferred pace as determined by their own learning needs. Finally, readily available assessments at various stages of the process keep learners informed about their progress so that they know which goals they still need to work on.

5. Allows Immediate Access To Resources

A key advantage that online learning brings to the corporate environment is easy access to resources. Gone are the days of searching in heavy handbooks to retrieve information about products, processes, or compliance policies. With eLearning, all resources are available at any time, any place, and via any device. Imagine you’re out for dinner with friends and someone asks about a service your business provides. Instead of promising to get back to them once you’re back in the office (and risking losing their interest), with eLearning you can access necessary information immediately, thus possibly landing a new client.

6. Provides Immediate Feedback

We briefly touched on this eLearning perk above, but it’s worth elaborating a bit more. Receiving feedback on your progress and recognition for your achievements is an element that keeps employees engaged. And we all know that only good can come from high employee engagement. Online training manages to constantly give employees feedback with the use of interactive scenarios, quizzes, or serious games. These activities yield immediate results that enlighten employees on their strengths and knowledge gaps. At the same time, you can use gamification features such as leaderboards and badges to reward achievements and motivate employees to participate in healthy competition.

7. Facilitates Efficient Reporting

There is one thing you’ll surely appreciate about eLearning, and that is how much it simplifies time-consuming administrative tasks such as record-keeping, grading, or reporting. Considering that many processes are automatic and all content is digital, you won’t have to busy yourself again with heavy folders filled with certificates, assessments, memos, etc. Using a comprehensive LMS, managers can easily track the training progress of any employee, assess the effectiveness of training courses, create reports, and many more. As a result, management has more time to devote to more important tasks.


It’s hard to deny that eLearning helps you make the most out of your training course. All the perks that eLearning brings to the table make it the best way for learners to access and retain information. Despite the initial development costs, it won’t be long before you notice the increased Return On Investment you have achieved. Your employees will gain new skills faster, helping your company reach new levels of productivity and efficiency.

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eLearning Perks: 7 Reasons Why Online Training Is Worth The
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