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In math or business , i always involve students to the right way to save their information , for almost decade , I always hold my note book with me , i wrote down almost every thing , even on holidays i write the date and note : holiday . 

Its not hard to write but its easy to forget , specially in teaching , you can meet a student how likes a football team , specific color , country . Writing this sounds silly !!!! Will by the time you will have the right statistic then it might help a lot on the right situation. 

also , writing the suitable method or technique in teaching , by the time i found a great suitable method and start to upgrade it . “ sound complicated !!!”

taking with parents need data , statistic , proof . All of that depends on writing skill , by time it will be a habit . 

finally , writing down will make your history , your story , that can be review and evaluate your skill , progress . 

hope that helps , keep safe .

1 month

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