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D’Youville College on Wednesday announced plans to shift to a 32-hour workweek, adjusting the employee workweek to four eight-hour days without any change to employees’ pay or benefits. Employees at the private college in Buffalo, N.Y., previously worked five 7.5 hour-days, or 37.5 hours per week.

“This shift is propelled by technology and requires departments to move the dial on technology acceptance, professional development, and workflow optimization in order to remain eligible for the reduced work week hours,” D’Youville president Lorrie Clemo said in a press release. “While it may seem novel, it actually just aligns our organization to the average annual hours currently worked by European Union countries.”

Clemo said the college will start with a six-month trial period for the new policy. “However, I’m confident the policy shift is going to improve the overall wellbeing of our employees and competitiveness of our institution,” she said.

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