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In 2005, Dubai British School was established as one of the leading British schools in Dubai, receiving an Outstanding rating from the KHDA since 2017. It is situated in The Springs, Emirates Hills, Dubai. The Taaleem school provides students (aged 3-18) with the best knowledge and exposure, being a significant step towards achieving their academic goals. Students can avail themselves of the excellent facilities and the benefits of the multicultural environment and the teaching methodologies of the experienced world-class faculty in the safe and inclusive learning community and be wired to tackle robust global challenges in the world. The school aids youngsters’ learning in every possible way, exposing them to a plethora of opportunities and creating a nurturing yet demanding environment in which they can thrive and blossom into confident, independent, and caring adults.

Everyone in the DBS community is respected, valued, and honoured. Teachers and staff members commend individuality and appreciate students’ talents, giving them every opportunity to succeed. They also encourage students to delve into their interests and pursue their passions with a positive mindset. The school provides students with immersive art, sporting, and extra-curricular activities to partake in, enabling them to gain beautiful experiences like never before, and enfolding its vision to Enjoy, Aspire, Achieve. The school seeks to make students critical thinkers, communicators, cooperative, caring, creative, and courageous to enhance their “6C” policy and allow students to develop their transferable skills to flourish in the outer world. The alumni of DBS-EH have a strong relationship with the school. They form global professional networks worldwide and continue to occasionally share their university experiences with the staff members, creating lifelong connections.

Dubai British School is devoted to providing students with universal and intercultural education. Hence, incorporating and celebrating the values and cultures of the UAE in the UAE cultural studies is subject to fortify the sense of tolerance and open-mindedness within young minds. Moreover, teachers consider Moral Education a mandatory subject for students to learn the significance of ethics and morals and reflect it in society. 

The school’s curriculum is based on the National Curriculum of England: The British Curriculum. It allows students to move from country to country quickly or even pursue further studies in the UK. It nicely balances logistical and creative subjects and enforces sound standards within children. Students give their GCSEs (first board exams) in year 11 and their A-levels (final board exams) in year 13 for subjects of their choice. The curriculum is organized into “key stages” (KS). The school is also an approved Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) centre, allowing students to opt for the vocational BTEC qualification which is taken as an alternative to traditional GCSE or A-level. BTEC is also starting to be widely accepted and acknowledged in many UK universities, providing students with a bright future.

The DBS campus is always positive, engaged, and connected; there are opportunities for year groups to mix and collaborate to achieve a combined goal. There are opportunities for students to take up pioneering roles such as class prefect, head girl, head boy, peer mentor, etc., and attain strong leadership qualities. There are opportunities for students to engage in environmental-friendly activities such as being part of the eco-committee and initiating action in school to enhance sustainability in the community. There are opportunities for students to be part of musical bands, choirs, and drama productions and become publicly confident individuals. There are opportunities for students to showcase their sporting expertise and participate in sport-related tournaments within and outside of school—many more such opportunities are put forth to help students express the best of their abilities. 

The campus consists of a Sports Hall that ricochets the howls of children as numerous sporting event takes place, an Auditorium that exhibits the talents of aspiring young thespians, a Library for the avid readers, a STEM lab for the science and mathematics geniuses, a Music Room for the adept musicians, a Swimming Pool for the spectacular swimmers, an Art Room for the brilliant and skilled artists, and much more!

DBS has also achieved the “National Online Safety Certified School Accreditation” and “National Online Safety Remote Education Accreditation” for protecting children in the dicey online world. Dubai British School is a warm and happy school that always looks towards the well-being of students and staff members and is definitely a good choice of school for your children! 

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