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Dr. Sahar Hashmi talks about the potential impact of AI technologies

Dr. Sahar Hashmi talks at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Harvard Medical School–affiliated hospital – about the potential impact of AI technologies on the healthcare delivery system and the future of work.

Dr. Sahar Hashmi, CEO of Myriad Consulting LLC,  provided an update on AI in healthcare to physicians and staff members of the hospital, who were attending the inter-professional round as a CME-accredited seminar. 

We interviewed her as an expert in AI, innovative technologies, digital transformation, digital health, data science, and digital design. 

During the interview, Dr. Sahar Hashmi shared her thoughts on the potential of generative AI in healthcare, as requested by UAE News 247

“It was interesting to observe the growing curiosity among physicians and staff members regarding the potential impact of AI in healthcare. Most of the questions I received revolved around the future of healthcare delivery and the possibility of AI replacing healthcare provider jobs. I firmly believe that we are still far from replacing physicians, but we are approaching a phase where disruptions in the healthcare delivery system are becoming more evident. The emergence of robotics and generative AI has the potential to simplify the lives of healthcare providers, provided that they are implemented appropriately. 

These rapidly advancing AI technologies will likely replace most of the administrative tasks and necessitate a creative redesign of workflows to effectively integrate these technologies. We should restructure our healthcare, education, and business organizational systems around these technologies to shape a better future of work for humanity. 

Drawing a comparison to the introduction of calculators, mathematicians went on strike and initially feared negative consequences on students’ mathematical learning, which did not materialize. However, we must not overlook the concerns of bias, misinformation, or hallucinations associated with AI applications. Unlike calculators, today’s AI technologies can potentially contribute to the proliferation of fake news, videos, and other forms of media. It is crucial for physicians and staff members to prioritize patient privacy, data security, and information verification when encountering new smart apps, chatbots, or AI platforms/applications. Above all else, these aspects should never be compromised. We need to be aware of these considerations and remain up-to-date in this rapidly evolving world of technology.”

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Dr. Sahar Hashmi talks about the potential impact of AI
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