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Florida governor Ron DeSantis said Monday that colleges responding to the Omicron spike by temporarily switching to online instruction should offer students a full refund, reported.

DeSantis has vowed to keep Florida’s schools open, even as the state broke its single-day COVID-19 case record on New Year’s Eve, with nearly 76,000 new cases.

“Our universities are going to be open … they’re going to have in-person instruction,” he told reporters at Broward Health in Fort Lauderdale. “And I think any university that doesn’t do that should have to refund 100 percent of the tuition to the parents.”

DeSantis blasted colleges for scrambling to start the term online while still charging full tuition—and even, in some cases, levying a “COVID-19 fee” on unvaccinated students.

“It’s absolutely insane what’s going on,” he said.

He also mocked the protective measures some campuses are taking as unnecessary for a predominantly young, healthy population.

“Some of them are even doing shelter in place over Omicron,” DeSantis said. “For what? A 20-year-old college student?”

He told reporters that Florida was “locked and loaded” to combat the latest variant, according to

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