Crusty Demons World Domination show is coming to Dubai

Crusty Demons World Domination show is coming to Dubai

Crusty Demons World Domination show is coming to Dubai’s world-famous Coca-Cola Arena on 23 September 2022, with their biggest show yet.

Renowned for making the impossible happen, The Crusty Demons continue to make headlines around the world, decades after their inception, with world record jumps and countless stunts that were previously thought impossible.

True believers will be blessed with some of the most radical, death-defying stunts known to man, with riders pushing to go bigger, faster, higher, and more insane than ever before. Freestyle Motocross, new tricks, and carnage by internationally-renowned riders, Quad FMX, Globe of Death, Guinness World Record attempt and more. All of this accompanied by lighting and special effects making it one hell of a show.

This show is not something you’re going to want to miss. Front flips, double backflips, 360’s, giveaways, you name it, the Crusty Demons are taking Action Sports shows to a whole new level.

They are bringing the best of the best riders and acts in the world such as:

  1. Remi Bizouard – 3 Times World Champion from France performing all his greatest tricks and the biggest of them all the double backflip.
  2. Jacko Strong – Multiple Xgames Champion from Australia, with the insane front flip.
  3. Mitch Vanvillet – Champion quad racer from Australia and now Quad FMX superstar.
  4. We have riders from Poland, Prague, Sweden and many more!
  5. Space Cowboy – Multiple Guinness World Record holder that will make your eyes turn with the stunts he has planned for you!

Globe of Death – see multiple riders spin at 50km an hour in an expanding globe for the first time in Dubai!

Join the Crusty Demon’s on September 23, 2022, at the Coca-Cola Arena for their brand new show and line-up, an experience that all extreme sport and motocross fans can’t miss! Tickets start from AED 150 and are on sale at

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