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Challenges between Technology and Learning

Ive been tutoring Math and business for 7 years , and through this years i found some challenge ,


1-some students forget how to write 5 and instead write it as 2 !!!! ( thats because using Ibad , in every single math lesson ) 

2- some students still using there hands in multiplication table , where they are in grade 7-8 !!!!

3- some student don’t know why they study Quadratic equation , logarithmic equation , exponential equation !!!!!

The list go on  ………

First problem , student must always use there paper and pencils math , writing increase awareness and concentration in process of solving problem , and increase the memory (short -long) .

Second problem (counting with finger) its ok for beginners ( class 4-5) but at grade 6 it will decrease the students achievement on class , real life , since student start dividing problem it will take long time , that why mental math have to be included in each lesson .

Third problem , explaining the why is most important in math , why we study this lesson , why this particular informations is important , why in this age , why!!!! If the student aware about why , the whole lessons will be attractive , the involvement will increase significantly , and teacher will get more trust along the way . The whole Technology made by students ( humans) that who now why they studied the certain info. Every process begin with why , if there is no why , then no creative thinking can be made. 

These are some challenge between technology and learning , and the way the title was in this way , because the shift to technology just hide some traditional methods , that is important for students life preparation. 


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