Learning Support Assistant


About the Role



You will hold a key role in supporting the Teacher/ Lead Practitioner in promoting the learning and personal development of all students. Your role will be carried out mainly within the classroom, however, you will also support the Teacher and the School in other aspects related to assisting teaching and learning across the school.

You will have various responsibilities including planning your role in the lessons, supervising and facilitating individual support for the students and providing informal feedback on student progress and achievement.

You will record and share with the Teacher and school Leaders issues of concern and positive feedback about the students.

You will work closely under the guidance of the Teacher to communicate with the students and their parents but also to maintain a file of IEPs, records and other relevant documents.

Key Responsibilities

Support for pupil

• Supervise student of determination in a small group or one to one differentiated activities in class or common learning environment as directed.

• Communicate effectively and sensitively with a student of determination to support their learning, promoting self-confidence and independence, being mindful of their wellbeing. Assist in developing their social/emotional skills.

• Support intervention and/or therapy sessions

Support for the Teacher

• Contribute effectively to the lessons and assist in setting out learning materials appropriate to planned activity for the student of determination.

• Work with teachers to monitor the progress of the student of determination. Function within a framework set by the assigned teacher, to plan your role in lessons including how you will provide feedback to the student of determination and colleagues on their learning, behaviour and wellbeing.

• Monitor their participation and progress, providing feedback to the teacher and parents and provide constructive support to the student of determination as they learn. Annotate work with a description of support given and resources used to complete the task.

• Administer assessments, invigilate exams and undertake routine marking of the student of determination’s work as directed by teachers.

Qualifications / Knowledge And Skills

• Knowledge of strategies that support positive behaviour to meet school expectations.

•Support ethos of the learning environment

• Ability to effectively communicate with pupils, parents and colleagues. To contribute purposefully to their team.

• Good time management and organizational skills

• Competent Literacy, Numeracy and IT skills at the required level.


• Attested Degree/ College certificates

• Spouse/ Family Sponsorship

• Police Clearance certificate

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